Friday Feature: Super-Secret Study Spots

Wondering where you should go this weekend to do your work? Each Friday we’ll share one local study spot that you should definitely check out if you’re on the hunt for that perfect location. HubBub Coffee 3736 Spruce Street hubbub

Noise level: High

Perks: Delicious vegan donuts and Sugar Philly macarons This cool spot originated as a coffee truck on Penn’s campus, and it is now one of three locations. They serve up more than just your standard coffee – specialty drinks including chemex and cold-brewed coffee accompany traditional favorites like cappuccinos and lattes. For non-coffee drinkers, they offer tea (hot or iced) and lemonade. As an added bonus, HubBub is super accommodating to dietary restrictions by including vegan and lactose-free options. HubBub might not be the best place to read super-dense Poli Sci articles, but it is a great location for review sessions or project meetings and it is ideal if you like to work while listening to music. It is common to see the tables full of people hard at work with laptops and stacks of papers surrounding them. With its proximity to Stouffer Commons, you might even catch some of the Weingarten employees picking up coffee or meeting up with colleagues. Have a great spot that we should feature on our blog? Comment below and let us know where you study!

Guest Blogger: Cassie Lo, Learning Fellow


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